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Robin & Veronica Cross from UK

We had an amazing time in 2008 in Ethiopia touring the Northern Historical Circuit ( Addis,Lake Tana,Gondar,Simmien Mountains,Axum,Lalibella ) and part of the Great Rift Valley south of Addis.
We would highly recommend Sileshi Tesfaye our professionally qualified Ethiopian Tour guide who had a really extensive knowledge of the history,culture,geography wildlife and the environment of Ethiopia.
He was enthusiastic,trustworthy,reliable,flexible and responsive to our needs and requirements and a good communicator and organiser. He was prepared to go the extra mile to make our trip truly memorable."

Robin & Veronica Cross

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We travelled through Ethiopia in February-March 2008 for three weeks covering both the Northern and Southern parts of the country with an extension to Harar. We had a wonderful journey through a fascinating country thanks to our guide Mr. Sileshi Tesfaye. The trip was extremely well organized, the logistics well thought out and we were able to enjoy a very personalized trip: For example, besides the planned classical tour, we took part in a special musical evening in Bahir Dar, had the opportunity to attend a bull jumping ceremony in the Omo Valley which required a long detour out of our way (well worth it - what an experience!), and we were able to visit as many markets as we wanted (Turmi, Jinka, Key Afer etc.).

Sileshi  is very knowledgeable in all aspects of Ethiopian society and was very keen to share with us the history, the culture and customs of the various ethnic groups we visited (Konso, Hammer, Mursi, Karo and more), the food, and the music of his country. We can only praise his kindness towards us and his patience as a guide. We are also very grateful to our resourceful driver Tensaye. Together they made a strong team and created a memorable trip for us.

We hope these comments will help other travellers in planning their trips to Ethiopia.

Françoise and Sarala (Winter 2008)


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Trevor of West London. U.K.

Sileshi is a knowledgeable, energetic and trustworthy guide. He has a wide network of good contacts in his country. Place yourself in his hands for a great experience.

Trevor of West London. U.K.

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A traveler from Hong Kong

I have joined a tour to Ethiopia end of January 2006 for 9 days.  My trip mainly visited the northern part of this Country: Addis Ababa, Axum, Lalibela, Bahar Dar and Gonder.

It was a historic and religious route.  The Stone Churches, Blue Nile, River Tana, Castles still in my mind.   Ethiopia can be said an Ancient Kingdom and place of Mysteries. 

As far as I know before traveling, Ethiopia is a poor country.  I have little knowledge about the history, culture, religions, people life of this Country.  To me, this was a very special trip.  From the explanation of our Tour Guide, sileshi Tesfaye, I know more about this Country.  Apart from the Northern part of this Country, the South is also a great place for you and me to explore.  I hope someday I will be in Ethiopia again to visit the different tribes in the South.

A traveler from Hong Kong

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