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Rift Valley region – a Paradise for birds

One of Ethiopia’s most colorful natural attractions is made up by the vast number of bird species found in a variety of habitats throughout the country. Second on the African continent only to South Africa, Ethiopia has nearly 860 different species of birds, 17 of which are entirely endemic. It is fairly easy to spot any number of different birds, considering the fact that every national park or area of vegetation, even within city limits and their surroundings, often provide a rich and interesting habitat, and even remote areas and the open wilderness are easily visited on foot given the scarcity of dangerous animals. Furthermore the country’s National Parks all have areas less disturbed by human activity within their limits that are dedicated specifically to bird watching holidays and here the range of species to see is extremely vast. We accompany our bird watching packages in the following areas: Menagesha Forest, Gefersa Reservoir, Debre Libanos monastery, Sululta plain land, Bahir Dar, Blue Nile Falls, Abijata-Shalla National Park, Lake Awasa, Wondo Genet, Bale Mountains National Park, Harena Forest, Sanette Plateau, Awash National Park, Yabello Reservoir…

The best time of the year for organizing bird watching tours in Ethiopia runs from November to February.


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