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You acknowledge and agree that you have read, understood, and are agreeing to be bound by all of the terms and conditions of use, without modification, of our service as provided in this Agreement and that you agree to comply with all applicable laws and regulations. If you do not agree to these terms, do not use our Service.

This agreement is subject to the privacy policy for our company, which is a part here of and is incorporated herein by reference for all purposes.

AUTHENTIC ETHIOPIA TOURS P.L.C. is an equal opportunity service provider operating under Authorizations by the Ethiopian government. All holidays are sold subject to the following conditions:


1.1. All prices are in US Dollars and are subject to change at any time of the year and without notice because of new Government regulations and changes. Prices are based on one person, in a double occupancy room, unless otherwise specified.

1.2. If cancellation occurs from some of the group members and that group is formed byt eh guests themselves, AUTHENTIC ETHIOPIA TOURS P.L.C. is obliged to amend the package price based on the existing group

1.3. When you make the final payment in cash in US Dollars notes will not accept very old, broken, or glued bills. Banks in Ethiopia do not accept deteriorated bills for security reasons. We recommend that you do not accept bills in this condition and you will avoid problems when you go to change to local currency (Birr)


2.1. Itineraries are planned with great care, although, for operational reasons, it may be necessary to change the sequence of activities in the itinerary or the specified route, and though such cases are rare, in general the itinerary should be treated only as a basic guideline.

2.2. Notification of cancellation must be made to the company in writing and will be effective on receipt. AUTHENTIC ETHIOPIA TOURS P.L.C. is not responsible for the delay in time that your order may incur cancellation of the service.

2.3. If you do not pay the final balance of your tour cost within 30 DAYS before depart your booking will be terminated and you will lose your all deposit. In case you cannot coming to our local office or is not any way available to arrange the final balance within 30 DAYS you must need to call us, send an e-mail or use any way to notify us your real situation and we will keep your reservation till depart time.


3.1. Prices of tickets are subject to changes without previous notice until they have been issued. Prices include charges for payment by credit card or cash. Flight schedules are subject to change by the airline companies up until the day of your flight. Some restrictions apply, including (but not limited to) the fact that lost tickets will not be reimbursed, and they are also subject to limitations by the airlines themselves, penalties and/or specific conditions regarding the agreed price.


4.1. If you are travelling internationally you need the proper documentation, all travellers are required to have valid passports, round trip or onward tickets, a visa for some destinations, certification of medical inoculations for infected areas and proof of sufficient funds where applicable. It is the traveler's responsibility to obtain proper documentation prior to purchasing airline tickets. Visa and vaccination information can be obtained by contacting the consulate for the country you are visiting.


All the payments are 100% thirty days prior (minimum) to departure, because to guarantee quality, we must pre-pay when you confirm the first deposit or prior your arrival date the spaces in hotels, 4x4 trucks and any transportation, tour guides, camping equipment and many other services.

5.1. If a notification of cancellation is received until and including 45 days before the estimated date of arrival in your destination in Ethiopia, the full deposit made for the trip is reimbursed after discounting administrative costs of 15% to 25% covered by our administration and the prepayments made by the company for the trip. Not Applicable for plane tickets.

5.2. If a notification of cancellation is received 44-30 days before the estimated date of arrival in Ethiopia, the reimbursement is subject to a penalty of 50% of the total cost. Not Applicable for plane tickets.

5.3. No reimbursement will be made if the notification of cancellation is received 29 or less days before the estimated date of arrival in your destination, or in the case of a no-show by passenger(s) or for cancellations made during the trip itself.

5.4. No reimbursement if you decide not to continue with, if you don’t to pay the final balance for ANY REASON outside our company, if you change your travel plans because of any emergency (health, family, accident, natural phenomena, etc).

5.5. AUTHENTIC ETHIOPIA TOURS P.L.C. reserves the right not to refund any money received as deposit or final payment for the service/tour that has not been informed 29 days before starting the tour.

5.6. The customer has full freedom to choose our services/tours or to book the same without any pressure from our company or one of our stuff. The customer is totally responsible for contacting us through our website.

5.7. If customer files a complaint, claim or complaint to any government entity or institution that creates the belief that our company should not provide the contracted services/tours in accordance with our booking form/contract AUTHENTIC ETHIOPIA TOURS P.L.C. is not responsible for damages, economic costs, etc, that may be generated to the customer through the duration of the process. If our company (AUTHENTIC ETHIOPIA TOURS P.L.C.) have the tests and shown that the client violated the truth, has raised false testimony or slandering our reputation AUTHENTIC ETHIOPIA TOURS P.L.C. through their lawyers proceed with the defense and denunciations by the competent authorities and demanded the offender (customer) an economic reparation not less than 15 current minimum salaries set by the government of Ethiopia.

5.8. During the high season, our company reserves the right to change our cancellation policies, if our suppliers should apply further penalties apart from those stated above.


6.1 In order to ensure reservations for hotels, flights, bus tickets, guides equipment, biking, climbing, trekking, etc and to cover our administration costs we require a 50% of deposit as first payment. The other 50% of trip cost you will pay 30 days before begin the trip.


1USD=16.70 Birr

Rate change can be vary according the day rates of the banks.


At the time you confirm the deposit 50% payment for any service, we will register your complete name, passport number (as these appear on your valid passport), tour name and date. This register will be the guarantee for your tour or service provided by AUTHENTIC ETHIOPIA TOURS P.L.C.


9.1. AUTHENTIC ETHIOPIA TOURS P.L.C. acts only in the capacity of an Agent upon the legal conditions that, while exercising every possible precaution, AUTHENTIC ETHIOPIA TOURS P.L.C. is not responsible for injury, sickness, damage, loss, additional expenses, accidental delay or other irregularities which may be caused either through willful or negligent acts or omissions on the part of the companies or individuals providing or engaged in transportation or other services related to the accomplishment of the tour, or through natural disasters, social upheavals, strikes, war, weather, acts of nature, airline or bus schedule changes/cancellations, clients get drunk, hotel availability, government regulations. In such cases, AUTHENTIC ETHIOPIA TOURS P.L.C. will attempt its best efforts in providing reasonable, alternative arrangements. Additional costs may apply. AUTHENTIC ETHIOPIA TOURS P.L.C. shall be responsible for providing all services and accommodations as specified on our web site.

9.2. Passengers are expected to obey all local, custom and drug laws and regulations. Failure to comply this nonexclusive list may result in the cancellation and termination of services purchased.

9.3. The client is responsible for bringing a valid passport or other document required by the Ethiopian government along the journey in Ethiopia.

9.4. Luggage weight limit is 44 lb (20kg) per person on all local flights and the terrestrial transportation.


10.1. At the end of the trip we need you to fill out an evaluation form. This enables us to immediately receive comments on our services and also be informed, when problems have occurred, thus keeping the standards and quality of our services at the desired level.


11.1. Our company will not be liable for any illness, pregnancy or physical or mental incapacity, which may put in danger the health or integrity of any passenger or third parties during the carrying out of the contracted tour or that may imply any limitation or impediment for our company to provide such tourist services.

11.2. Our company will NOT recognize any claim or refund due to any such abovementioned concept, including such cases where under normal conditions no such problem would arise.

11.3. Furthermore, we request to be informed regarding any such limitation prior to the contracting of our services, in order to recommend services that will take into account any such existing impediments.

11.4. AUTHENTIC ETHIOPIA TOURS P.L.C. recommend that all participants have an obligation to personally notify the tour agency any state of health, physical conditions, or anything else may affect and/or impede said participant in the development of the contracted activity. With verification that the client has a physical impediment or other health problem, the tour agency is limited in lending its services, or on the other hand, if the participant persists in the trip and suffers any injury or ailment, the participant is solely responsible for the consequences the may suffer during the trip or in the performance of the activities related to our service.

11.5. AUTHENTIC ETHIOPIA TOURS P.L.C. instruct each participant having a direct contract with the agency or indirectly contracted with us through another agency that we are NOT responsible for accidents the participants may suffer during any particular sport chosen. The price of payment owed the agency or endorsement (if indirectly contracted through another agency) does not include the cost of medical attention, stays in medical centers, or the results of whatever other serious case may occur.

11.6. In case an accident occurs during the trip in the transport or during the development of the adventure sport outdoors, contracted by client, the field personnel (guide, assistant, chauffeur, etc.), the travel agency (owner, administrator, counter attendant, etc) will be disposed and ready to provide free help, organization, and guidance in the event of this possibility.

11.7. AUTHENTIC ETHIOPIA TOURS P.L.C. strongly recommend to carry your personal insurance when your travel in Ethiopia.

11.8. AUTHENTIC ETHIOPIA TOURS P.L.C. communicate with our field personnel (guide, assistant, chauffeur, etc) and the travel agency will not be responsible for possible damages to or losses of personal items (camera, video recorders, articles of clothing, backpacks, jewellery, cash, etc.) while the traveler is involved in the contracted service, the agency and field personnel may only lend assistance for the recovery of unfortunate losses.

11.9. AUTHENTIC ETHIOPIA TOURS P.L.C. communicates to its customers if the terms and conditions are too stringent. The bad past experiences force us to take precautions against the lies, fraud and allegations have no legal basis. Also to some bad customers that use the little knowledge of rights of persons working in the tourism industry in our country such as guides, hotels, transports, counters, travel insurance company, etc.

11.10. AUTHENTIC ETHIOPIA TOURS P.L.c. also understands and supports the tourists who have suffered a fraud, assault or other problem during your trip to Ethiopia. If you have one of these problems we recommend that you act soon will contact with the nearby police station.c


12.1. I understand and agree that all travel arrangements included in this trip are made on my behalf upon the express condition that neither AUTHENTIC ETHIOPIA TOURS P.L.C.l act or failure to act of any third party, such as operators of aircraft, trains, cruise vessels, bus schedules changes/cancellations, boats, ships or any other conveyance, hotels, sightseeing excursions, local ground handling, etc. Which are to or do supply any goods or services for my trip.

12.2. I further understand that AUTHENTIC ETHIOPIA TOURs P.L.C. neither owns nor operates such third party suppliers and accordingly agree to seek remedies directly and only against those suppliers and not hold AUTHENTIC ETHIOPIA TOURS P.L.C. responsible for their acts or omissions. without limitation, AUTHENTIC ETHIOPIA TOURS P.L.C. is not responsible for any negligent or willful acts of others or force majeure, weather emergencies, breakdown, government actions, inclement weather, sickness, attacks by animals, availability of medical care or the adequacy of the same, criminal activity of any kind, terrorism, war, civil disturbance, sanitary conditions, quarantine, customs regulations, epidemics, strikes, hotel overbooking, safety and/or security standards at hotels, any problems or injuries whatsoever arising from customers' consumption of alcoholic beverages or illegal drugs or for any other reason beyond the control of AUTHENTIC ETHIOPIA TOURS P.L.C., and I understand, agree with, and agree to be legally bound by the terms of the release and waiver of liability set forth herein.


13.1I understand and acknowledge that my travel in connection with and participation in the tour/service arranged at my request by AUTHENTIC ETHIOPIA TOURS P.L.C. may involve risk and potential exposure to injury and possibly death.

13.2I specifically acknowledge and recognize the potential for injury and death which can result from my irresponsible and immature use of alcohol and/or illegal drugs in connection with or during this Trip.

13.3I also realize and acknowledge that risk and dangers may be caused by the negligence of the owners, employees, officers or agents of AUTHENTIC ETHIOPIA TOURS P.L.C. or the negligence or participation of other participants, contractors and/or subcontractors to AUTHENTIC ETHIOPIA TOURS P.L.C.

13.4I also recognize and acknowledge that risk and dangers may arise from foreseeable and unforeseeable causes, including weather and other acts of nature.

13.5I fully understand and acknowledge that the aforementioned risks, dangers and hazards are a potential in connection with recreational activities which may take place during my Trip.


14.1.In recognition of the inherent risk of the travels and related activities in which I am intending to engage, I confirm that I am physically and mentally capable of participating in the activity and that I will be mature and responsible in my behavior and particularly in connection with any drug or alcohol use in which I may participate.

14.2.I am willingly and knowingly electing to participate in this Vacation Package in spite of the potential risk of danger and I willingly and voluntarily assume full responsibility for any injury, loss or damage suffered by me or caused by me, whether caused in whole or in part by the negligence of the owners, agents, officers, employees, contractors or subcontractors of AUTHENTIC ETHIOPIA TOURS P.L.C.


15.1.In consideration of the services and arrangements provided by AUTHENTIC ETHIOPIA TOURS P.L.C., I, for myself and for my heirs, personal representatives or assigns, do hereby release, waive, discharge, hold harmless and agree to indemnify AUTHENTIC ETHIOPIA TOURS P.L.C., and its owners, officers, directors, affiliates, agents, contractors, subcontractors and employees from any and all claims, actions, or losses for bodily injury, property damage, wrongful death, loss of services, lost profits, consequential, exemplary, indirect or punitive damages or otherwise which may arise out of or occur during my travel in connection with the scheduled Vacation Package and any activities conducted in conjunction therewith.

15.2.I specifically understand that I am releasing, discharging and waiving any claims or actions that i may have presently or in the future for the negligent acts or conduct of the owners, officers, employees, affiliates, agents, contractors or subcontractors of AUTHENTIC ETHIOPIA TOURS P.L.C.


16.1.Regardless of the situation or circumstances giving rise to a claim, I waive any right to seek consequential, punitive or exemplary damages against AUTHENTIC ETHIOPIA TOURS P.L.C, its owners, officers, directors, affiliates, agents, contractors, subcontractors and employees, for any reason whatsoever


17.1. I either have medical insurance or, in its absence, agree to pay all costs of rescue and/or medical services as may be incurred by me or on my behalf during such Trip.


I hereby acknowledge that I have read and understood the Mandatory Arbitration provision set forth of the Booking Conditions for my Trip and agree to be bound by such provision in the event that a claim in respect of death or personal injury is issued or filed by me or I threaten to issue or file such a claim in a court within Ethiopia as set forth therein.

Please fill the form, scan, attached and return by e-mail with in 36 hours before the receipt of the form.

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