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Responsible Travel

Responsible travel is a new way of traveling abroad for those who are not into the usual mass tourism. It's about respecting and benefiting local people and the environment.

Responsible travel is -also about getting to know the local cultures and environment in a more meaningful way. The responsible traveler travels in smaller groups which has a much smaller impact on the local environment and communities, and also enables you to meet local people in an easier and gentler way.

Tips for Responsible Travel:

Here are some tips for your responsible travel experience:

  • Respect and obey the laws of the country you visit.
  • learn about the local culture before and during your trip and show respect to the local cultures and traditions,
  • Be a considerate guest-your resort is some one else’s home.
  • Save precious natural resources. Try not to waste water, switch off lighters and air conditioning (where available) when you go out.
  • Be kind to wildlife. Loud Music, bonfires, litter and off-road driving can disturb or destroy animals and plants.
  • Be adventurous! Get out and meet the local people by walking and cycling and eating in local restaurant.
  • Always ask before taking photograph or video recordings of people.
  • Support traditional skills and businesses by buying crafts made in the area…but do safeguard nature by avoiding souvenirs made from wild life products.
  • Always dress and behave in a manner that is keeping with local sensibilities.
  • Do not let occasional need to bargain over prices blind you to the fact that, where uncertainty exists, it is always better to be generous than stingy when dealing with people with less wealthy than yourself.
  • Do not allow cultural interferences from the behavior of individuals.
  • Put your money directly into the local community, for instance by eating and sleeping at local and private owned establishments rather than government or foreign owned concerns.
  • Humor is almost always a better way to deal with minor irritations than assertiveness or aggression.
  • Use environment friendly transportation as much as possible (such as public transport, a bicycle or just walk),
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