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Ethiopia is a very different destination for a trekking holiday in Africa. Known as 'The Roof of Africa', Ethiopia is a land of surprises, with a wealth of superb trekking and a rich cultural heritage to explore. Ethiopia includes some of the finest mountain scenery in Africa, notably in the Simien Mountains National Park which have been designated a World Heritage Site.

Providing a variety of completely new experiences, Ethiopia is an adventure travel destination for the trekking connoisseur to explore.

Another important destination for trekking holiday in Ethiopia is the Bale Mountain National Park and Dodola GTZ Trekking area, and the Surma Trekking.

Bale Mountains National Park is an area of high altitude plateau that is broken by numerous spectacular volcanic plugs and peaks, beautiful alpine lakes and rushing mountain streams that descend into deep rocky gorges on their way to the lowlands below.

Bale Mountains National Park is the largest area of Afro-Alpine habitat in the whole of the continent. It gives the visitor opportunities for unsurpassed mountain walking, horse trekking, scenic driving and the chances to view many of Ethiopia's endemic mammals, in particular the Mountain Nyala and Ethiopian Wolf, and birds, such as the Thick-billed Raven, Wattled Ibis, Blue-winged Goose, and Rouget's Rail.
The national park is most famous as home and refuge of the endemic Mountain Nyala and Ethiopian Wolf. Both these mammals occur in reasonable numbers, and visits to the Gaysay area, and the Sanetti plateau will ensure you see both. The Mountain Nyala is a large antelope in the spiral-horned antelope family.

Surma trekking which is a cultural trekking activity is another type of activity which gives the clients an opportunity to experience the cultural activity of the Surma and other tribes.

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